Mark Labbett angrily responds to claims he’s a bad loser after brutal ‘lucky idiots’ swipe

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The Chase star Mark Labbett has taken to social media today to refute claims that he is a “bad loser”. The quizzer, who is also known as “The Beast” on the ITV game show, said that he simply disliked losing to “lucky idiots”.

The 55-year-old Chaser made his comments in view of his 139,900 Twitter followers.

He wrote online: “People say I am a bad loser – true- but I am quite comfortable with people playing well to win.

“Losing to lucky idiots on the other hand ….. grrrr,” he went on to say.

Many took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the matter.

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“I don’t think you are a bad loser Mark, I think you have a passion to win as a serious quizzer.

“And that is why you are a chaser and not a contestant,” one follower wrote online.

“Some say bad loser, some say highly competitive – I say you’re a legend!” a second added.

A third remarked: “Never change, Mark. So many people are afraid to show they want to win. They always worry what other people will think.”

However, another ITV viewer referred to a recent incident on television which saw a 10-year-old boy beat Mark at a game of chess.

“Tell that to the kid that whipped you at chess, I thought you were going to throw a hissy fit,” the person tweeted.

“Why, the kid has a BCF rating of 195, mine is 110. Anybody 50 points better than you is pretty much guaranteed to win, he was 85…. no chance,” Mark hit back.

The maths whizz was defeated by the youngster on an episode of The Chasers’ Road Trip: Trains, Brains and Automobiles.

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Ahead of the game, Mark boasted: ”Being the ruthless competitor I am, I don’t care if they’re a world champion, I’ll give them a game.”

However, he did not take being beaten very well.

“I wasn’t impressed with the kids as all they were doing was what they’ve been trained to do,” he later said to his fellow Chasers.

“Come and face me on my specialties and I’ll own you,” Mark bragged.

“I didn’t see anything that made me go ‘wow’,” he went on to add.

The child genius played chess for 40 hours a week to master his craft.

“I shouldn’t have been on the same board as him.

“That’s like me facing someone at a quiz competition who once a year trots up to the local quiz competition and finishes 8th,” he moaned.

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