Lily Allen’s Quote About Communication In Her Marriage With David Harbour Is So Wise

On the market for some actually good celeb dating advice? Allow me to point you toward Lily Allen’s quote about communication in her marriage with David Harbour. It was through her first marriage to Sam Cooper, from whom she divorced in 2018, that Allen was able to learn how to make her second marriage work. "A lot of this journey was not unrelated to the deterioration of my last marriage," Allen told People. "I definitely had a sort of sexual awakening in my late 20s. And by the way, I’m not blaming this on my ex-husband; it absolutely wasn’t his fault."

She continued, "it was my fault because I wasn’t feeling empowered and I wasn’t able at that point to communicate my wants and needs and so things broke down. I definitely don’t want that to happen again. I’m very much in love and happy in this relationship and communication in all areas is important."

One of the topics Allen has learned to be more communicative about within her relationship is her sexual preferences. Specifically, Allen, who’s partnered with Womanizer, says she enjoys using sex toys during sex. "It’s not something that we’re necessarily used to and, you know, men might feel emasculated or something if you pull out a sex toy," she shared. "I think that’s the empowerment thing and I think if you’re able to talk about it in a way that’s not like ‘this is a replacement for you and what you’re not able to do,’ as more like, ‘let’s have as much fun as possible.’"

On Sept. 9, Allen and Harbour announced via Instagram that they’d tied the knot in Las Vegas. Alongside picture of himself holding a white-dress-clad Allen in his arms in front of Graceland Wedding Chapel as an Elvis impersonator smiled on, Harbour wrote:

Dawwwwwwww. Happy for this communicative pair!

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