Lee Mack unveils wildest true story ever aired on Would I Lie To You

Dom Joly reveals he was at school with Osama Bin Laden in 2007

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Comedian Lee Mack, 54, has revealed what he thinks is the craziest story to ever have turned out to be true on BBC One’s Would I Lie To You?. The Not Going Out star spoke about the popular panel show in an interview with Express.co.uk on the red carpet of Cirque Du Soleil’s newest European Premiere at the Royal Albert Hall.

Asked about what he felt was the most unlikely true story on the show, Mack said that it was one involving comedian Dom Joly and Al-Qaeda terrorist Osama bin Laden.

“That Dom Joly went to school with Osama bin Laden,” he confirmed. “I know! It’s mad isn’t it?”

Asked what it was like working with Would I Lie To You? co-stars Rob Brydon, 57, and David Mitchell, 48, Mack spoke warmly of his pals on the show.

“Yeah it’s been great – we’re good mates and we get on well,” he said.

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“You know, we’ve known each other now for 60…70 years?” the star quipped.

“And Rob’s now well into his 90’s and we care for him,” the comedian added cheekily in reference to the Gavin and Stacey star.

It is true that Joly once went to school with terrorist and Al-Qaeda leader Bin Laden, who was responsible for the tragic events of 9/11.

Both men attended a Christian Quaker school in Lebanon for children between the ages of four and 18.

The pair couldn’t have been friends because they were “at different ends of the age spectrum”, although Joly did muse that the Quaker teaching probably didn’t “sit very well” with Bin Laden.

During the show, Mitchell probed Joly to see if he was telling the truth, asking him questions about their time at school together.

“Did you chat much?” he asked, to which Joly replied: “I’d pass him in the playground – he was quite an intimidating figure to be honest.

“He was slightly intense. He was sort of in the Dungeons and Dragons sort of… I didn’t really know him but I was in the same school as him.”

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Comedian Frankie Boyle then joked: “Did Bin Laden win when you played hide and seek?”

In reference to the quip about the terrorist, who famously avoided capture until 2011 when he was assassinated by U.S. Navy SEALs, Joly simply replied: “Always. I never found him.”

The story from Joly was so shocking that, while Mitchell’s team voiced that it might be true, the lead panellist decided to call it a lie.

However, he was stunned to find that Joly had indeed been telling the truth about passing the well-known terrorist in the playground.

Would I Lie To You is now in its 16th season, with its first episode airing on June 16, 2007.

While Mitchell and Mack have always been team captains on the show, the presenter was originally Angus Deayton, before he was replaced with Rob Brydon in 2009.

Cirque Du Soleil made its return to London with KURIOS yesterday, inviting a number of high profile celebs to its European Premiere at the Royal Albert Hall.

Would I Lie To You? returns at 8pm tonight on BBC One.

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