Larissa Lima: Eric and I Broke Up! I’m Going Back to Vegas!

90 Day Fiance fans have wondered if Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols are still together after seeing a lot of mixed signals.

Now, Larissa is clearing the air and — very gently — setting the record straight.

Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols have left fans confused over the past few weeks.

They have unfollowed each other, purged photos, refollowed each other.

Larissa promoted Eric’s OnlyFans and flirted with him in comments. Eric liked that … but also claimed to be single at one point.

“Dear Friends and Followers,” Larissa begins a message that she posted to her Instagram Stories late this week.

“Since I started my presence on social media,” she announces, “I feel we have a created a relationship of trust.”

This is often the case with reality stars who join social media. There is an unwritten contract with fans.

“Because of that,” Larissa explains, “I feel responsible to communicate to you when something important happens in my life.”

Many of Larissa’s followers want updates on her life. Well, she just dropped a major one.

“I’m no longer in a relationship,” she announces.

“We decided to follow different paths for now,” Larissa details.

In other words, there’s no scandal, and the only drama between them is the result of their dramatic personalities, not anything that one of them did.

She continues: “We are different people who have grown apart.”

Larissa reminds her followers that she and Eric are both “seeking development and happiness.”

“I hope you guys understand,” she expresses.

Notably, a lot of Larissa’s fans have been rooting for her and Eric, not just as individuals but as a couple.

“This is a new chapter in my life,” Larissa declares.

“And,” she gushes, “I’m excited to see what happens next.”

We are excited to see what happens next, too!

Comments are no longer visible beneath this post by Larissa, as she deactivated them.

However, she did reportedly indicate plans to return to Las Vegas, leaving Colorado Springs behind her along with Eric.

When a snarky commenter asked if she’ll be getting back with Colt Johsnon, Larissa responded: “Not in this lifetime.”

It’s surprising to see them break up such a short time after moving together.

Just two months ago, on September 19, Larissa and Eric took a drive from Vegas to Colorado Springs.

Eric is from that area. Many fans have speculated that perhaps Larissa is saying goodbye to him because she missed Vegas.

Geography has broken up plenty of couples. Loving a person doesn’t mean loving their chosen city, and love by itself isn’t enough to overcome misery.

That said, it’s entirely possible that there was more going on.

Larissa and Eric worked so well in some ways because they are both tempestuous and dramatic … but that also made their relationship toxic in many ways.

Whatever Larissa and Eric have next, we are excited to see it. Sadly, it won’t be on 90 Day Fiance, as Larissa was fired in September.

In the mean time, they are both on social media and they both remain on OnlyFans.

Larissa is one of the most polarizing stars in 90 Day Fiance history. It’s just sad that whatever comes next won’t be televised.

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