Lady Gaga Snaps At Haters

Pop star Lady Gaga took the Rainbow Stage at Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California, on the day of the grand opening of the doughnut-shaped campus, envisioned as the home of the company by its late founder, Steve Jobs.

Gaga played an abridged version of her Enigma show and a whopping 15,000 Apple employees turned up to enjoy the fun-filled concert.

“We came together today, in the home you imagined for us, and celebrated your spirit. We love you, Steve.” tweeted Apple CEO Tim Cook. He also thanked Gaga for “helping make our celebration unforgettable.”

Gaga took a moment to address her haters during the show, saying “Even though I was asked to play here to tonight… and some of you may not like me but thank you for coming… But if you don’t like it, and you’re here, and if you think you’ve got some s-t that you can say to hurt me or bring me down or make me feel some pain I haven’t already felt before, then you are f-ing wrong.”

Described as an awkward moment in an otherwise spectacular program, a fan later clarified that it was all part of the act and that it is usually followed by her 2013 hit song, “Applause.”

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