Kym Marsh: Coronation Street star, 42, talks ‘nonsense’ comments about boyfriend Scott, 31

After Ryan Giggs’ ex-wife Stacey Giggs confirmed her relationship with The Wanted singer Max George, Kym Marsh, 42, spoke out about age gap relationships. “Stacey Giggs and Max George from The Wanted are dating,” the Coronation Street star wrote in her column for this week’s OK! Magazine. “She’s 40 and he’s 30, so they’ve got the same age gap as Scott and I. Love is love and age is just a number,” she insisted. 

If two people are happy and in love and they get along well then that’s all that matters

Kym Marsh

“If two people are happy and in love and they get along well then that’s all that matters. 

“And anyway, different people mature at different rates,” Kym added. 

“You get the odd comment like, ‘You’ve got a toy boy’ and it’s nonsense. It’s so old fashioned,” she said. 

Kym previously said calling Scott her “toyboy” was “insulting” to him. 

“He’s a very intelligent, mature, articulate man who absolutely knows where he wants to be in life,” she told The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine. 

The Corrie star started dating her Glaswegian beau last July after splitting from her ex-boyfriend Matt Baker following a two-year relationship. 

Scott is an Army Major and, in December, he and Kym Marsh spoke to Express.co.uk about how they made their relationship work while he was working away. 

“We wrote each other letters evert week which we could open every Friday, because that’s when we would normally see each other,” he explained. 

“So, we had a letter each week and then Kym sent me away with a couple of gifts and I had a gift arrive for Kym as well.” 

“It’s hard, but you support each other throughout,” Kym chipped in. 

“It’s a shared experience, I’m the one at home watching Coronation Street eating chocolate, Scott’s the one that’s out there doing stuff that potentially might put him in danger and sleeping on the ground. 

“So, actually I have the easier part but he would say I don’t.” 

Kym Marsh: Coronation Street star’s column appeared in this week’s OK! Magazine [OK! MAGAZINE]

Elsewhere, Kym recently became a grandmother for the first time when her daughter Emilie Cunliffe gave birth to her son. 

The Coronation Street actress shared the news with her 203,000 Instagram followers, saying: “Last night was a night I will never forget. I became a ‘Loli’ for the first time! 

“My beautiful daughter was an absolute warrior and her partner and I were the best birthing team we could be. 

“I was so honoured to have been a part of bringing him into the world,” she continued. 

“My beautiful grandson, I love you I will always love you and I promise to help guide you through life as best I can.” 

Read Kym Marsh’s full column in this week’s OK! Magazine — out now. 

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