Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker criticized for PDA at a wedding


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Last month Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got engaged. I’ll eat crow on this one, I didn’t think they’d see it through. But they did, and it was a huge, flower-filled affair with every minute caught on camera. And we know from their social media that the only thing this couple loves more than emptying local flower marts is sliding their tongues down each other throats. However, unbeknownst to Kravis, there a few occasions when tonsil hockey is seen as déclassé by others. One such time is when it is at someone else’s wedding. Kourt and Travis attended K-Klan friend Simon Huck’s wedding to Phil Riportella. Kourt posted the IG above with the caption “Going to the chapel” and tagged the two grooms. Travis replied “our turn next.” Aww. They looked amazing, too. Kourtney should wear that dress to everything.

Following their glamourous entrance, Kourtney and Travis were overwhelmed with the wedding vibe, it seemed. At the reception, Kourtney gave Travis what is being called a lap dance but was more of a lap bounce. Basically, she straddled Travis, grinded awkwardly, and made out with him.

Over the weekend, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker went to a wedding!

The wedding was for PR exec Simon Huck and his longtime BF, Phil Riportella!

Anyway, the two are apparently catching some heat for getting a lil’ TOO hot and heavy while attending the nuptial celebration. At one point, Kourtney was seen fully straddling Travis.

Users on Reddit definitely weren’t feeling the love, with one calling the display “tasteless, classless,” adding that it gave “teen hormones vibes.”

Another added, “My second hand embarrassment just went through the roof.”

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The defense being used is that the wedding took place on Travis’ 46th birthday. My niece’s graduation fell on my 10-year wedding anniversary and yet, somehow my husband and I avoided dry-humping in our folding chairs during the commencement address. I added one of the posts below, the reception did have kind of a night club feel. Both grooms replied enthusiastically to Kourtney’s IG above so they weren’t bothered by the display, which is good. I know climbing into each other’s laps is Kravis’ schtick, but every once in a while, can’t it just be about someone else? And if this is how they act at someone else’s wedding, you just know the Kravis wedding is going to be exhausting.

Although, it should be exciting since Kravis aren’t the only ones eager to rip the spotlight away from the wedding couple. Kendall Jenner caught some heat for wearing this cut-out Monot dress to her friend’s wedding recently. She looks amazing, but yeah, maybe not the best choice for wedding guest attire. On second thought, the Kravis wedding might be exhausting, but it will also be a circus, given who will be attending, and that I will sign up for.

Oh – ick! I just read that the guy creepily watching Kourtney macking on Travis is Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble.

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