Kim Kardashian Flies to Australia to be with BF Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian has reunited with her boyfriend Pete Davidson … flying thousands of miles to Australia to reunite after 4 weeks apart.

Kim took her insane private jet to Queensland … where’ Pete’s been working on a flick called “Wizards!” with Orlando Bloom.

BTW … this is what you get when you own.a $100 million private jet — you have all sorts of room to gussy yourself up before deplaning, ’cause she looked pretty spectacular walking down those stairs.

And, of course, the cadre of helpers, including an umbrella holder to shield her from the elements.

She’s supposed to be there for just a few days, but it underscores the seriousness of the relationship. Who knows what will happen, but Pete’s already unofficially part of the Kardashian brood … even filming for their Hulu reality show.

Pete’s film is a comedy, described by Deadline as “two hapless pothead beach-bar operators who run into trouble when they stumble across stolen loot that they really should have just left alone.”

‘[I’m] definitely a family guy. My favorite thing ever, which I have yet to achieve, is I want to have a kid. That’s, like, my dream. Yeah and so it’s, like, super corny,’ he told Kevin in a Hart to Heart teaser posted on Tuesday.

‘It would be so fun dress up a little dude, like, or you know, like, you saw it’s just, like, I’m so excited for, like, that chapter. So, like, that’s kind of what I’m just preparing for now, is trying to be, like, as good of a dude and develop and get better so when that happens, it’s just easier.’

They’ve now been dating for at least 10 months, and maybe longer.  He just dropped some news on Kevin Hart’s podcast … that he really wants kids.  As you know, Kim has 4 … unclear if she has designs to have more, but her mom had 6, so ….

It seems Kanye’s off their case, so it’s clear sailing — and flying — for Kim and Pete.

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