Katie Piper strips down to swimwear for sea dip amid putting ‘sepsis treatment’ behind her

Katie Piper, 35, joined a group of cold water swimmers for a dip in the icy sea to shine a light on everyday heroes all over the country.

The English philanthropist joined the Bluetits, a female-only group of cold water swimmers, who have been braving the cold depths since 2014, to show support for the #InMyCorner campaign.

The Bluetits, who range from the ages of 18-66, have supported one and another through the most challenging of times and soon realised the community activity brought them all together.

Katie Piper donned a black long-sleeved swimming costume to join the swimsuit-clad ladies in the Welsh waters of Portshele Beach.

Katie sad: “The Bluetits are an incredible group. Whilst I was anxious about taking the plunge, the support and encouragement they gave me was brilliant and really showed me the spirit of who they are – a group of women who stand by each other.”

“I met women who were going through cancer treatment who told me about how the group is helping them stay strong. Another woman told me that cold water swimming was improving her mental health. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I feel honoured to have become a Bluetit and have met these women who are the epitome of everyday heroes.”

The AXA PPP healthcare’s new #InMyCorner campaign launches today and invites people to join the conversation on social media and salute people who make them stronger.

By using the hashtag #InMyCorner, users can win a luxury wellbeing holiday to Mauritius.

The mother-of-two, who regularly documents her health and charity work on social media, recently revealed that she had spent two weeks in hospital undergoing sepsis treatment.

Katie told her 870,000 Instagram followers at the end of May that she had made a full recovery after getting a “quite severe” kidney infection that went to her blood.

The former Strictly Come Dancing star said the diagnosis was “unexpected” and the whole experience was quite “scary”.

Following her discharge from the hospital she thanked well-wishers who had sent her messages and the NHS.

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