Kate Winslet Calls Herself ‘Full Mattress’ Due to Weight Gain During Lockdown

The ‘Titanic’ actress reveals she has gained weight during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and now has a huge bottom that left her feeling like a ‘full mattress.’

AceShowbizKate Winslet has confessed the COVID-19 lockdown has left her with a “massive a**e.”

The “Titanic” actress – who has Mia, 20, and Joe, 16, from her previous marriages and Bear, seven, with husband Ned Rocknroll – turned to breadmaking to pass the time during the coronavirus pandemic and joked the diet has taken its toll on her size and she now feels like a “full mattress.”

She said, “I’ve been making sourdough and now my arse is massive! The other day I was answering some questions on email and instead of ‘film actress’ it auto corrected to ‘full mattress’ That’s exactly how I feel and will describe myself from now on!”

The 45-year-old star admitted she was baffled by the popularity of her pandemic-themed 2011 movie “Contagion” over the last year.

She told talk show host Graham Norton, “It freaked me out! Why would anyone watch that during a pandemic?”

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But the film meant she was prepared for what was to come when coronavirus first began sweeping the world.

She added, “The writer started messaging me saying. ‘It’s coming’ and because of that my family and I started wearing masks quite long before anyone else and we used to get many funny looks.”

Kate can next be seen as palaeontologist Mary Anning in her new film “Ammonite” and she found it “challenging” having to depict someone so “reserved” because she’s so different in her own life.

She said, “It was really challenging because she was really reserved and socially uncomfortable. I’m nothing like Mary so it was really hard for me to find her inner world. I am not a method actor, but I had to live a little bit like her to find her rhythms.”

Watch the whole interview with Kate on “The Graham Norton Show” on BBC One on Friday (26Feb21) night.

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