Joe & Jill Biden Kiss Outside White House & It’s Refreshing After The Trumps’ Cold PDA

President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden are the ultimate team! The doting duo shared a number of intimate moments on Inauguration Day, including kissing at the Capital, hugging at the White House and more!

President Biden and the First Lady were all smiles all day — from the moment they arrived at the Capitol, to when they reache their last stop at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where they will call the White House ‘home’ for the next four years. The couple, who tied the knot in June of 1977, shared a passionate kiss in front of the Capitol, before they embraced in a long hug in front of the White House. Additionally, the two held hands while walking on the White House grounds, and throughout their eventful Inauguration Day schedule.

The sight of President Biden and the First Lady’s PDA was one of many things Americans gushed about as this new presidential chapter begins (finally!). Over the course of Trump’s disastrous tenure as president, Melania was caught snubbing her husband in public, rolling her eyes, and sometimes, flat out just swatting his hand away during political events and rallies. It’s widely believed that Donald and Melania slept in separate beds… and wings of the White House.

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