Jim Bob Duggar Loses Arkansas State Senate Primary Election By A LOT!

Too bad, so sad, Jim Bob Duggar!

The patriarch of the infamous Duggars is finding that politics nowadays is just a little bit harder than reality TV — and, well, both are pretty hard considering son Josh Duggar‘s recent child pornography possession conviction.

As for Jim Bob, the 56-year-old disgraced former reality TV star lost his race in the primary election for a seat in the Arkansas State Senate on Tuesday night. And honestly, the vote wasn’t even close!

According to reports from election night, Jim Bob — who was in a primary battle with several other Republican Party hopefuls — received only 15% of the vote.

Fifteen percent?!


Two other competitors in the race — Colby Fulfer and Steve Unger — won significantly more of the vote than Jim Bob, and will advance to a run-off election between ’em to be held in January.

Jim Bob dropped a statement on the loss after it happened, according to People. He told the media:

“Whoever wins the Republican primary will have my support and prayer for victory as he faces a Democrat opponent on February 8. Above all, I am thankful to God for His love and kindness toward us, and pray He will cause His face to shine on our state and nation.”

OK then.

Maybe just circle the wagons with your wife, Michelle (pictured along with Jim Bob, above), and focus on supporting your family during this terrible time?! Ya know??

Just saying!

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