Jessa Duggar Mom-Shamed For Letting Toddler Sons Play Barefoot In The Backyard & Ride Tricycles

Jessa Duggar is taking a ton of heat from other moms over letting her sons have some of the most simple fun in life, by riding tricycles and playing in their own back yard while…GASP…barefoot!

One of the joys of being a child is running around carefree in your own backyard while barefoot. While Jessa Duggar is allowing her three-year-old son Spurgeon and two-year-old son Henry have fun playing around on their tricycles and in their own yard without shoes on, she’s getting mom shamed over it on Instagram. The reality star shared a video and photos on April 27 that showed Spurgeon riding around the family home on a tricycle while barefoot and another with his little brother who just got one of his very own.

“Last year, Spurgeon had this same Radio Flyer tricycle… but it was old and had rusted through. I just found this identical replacement and surprised him with it! I couldn’t tell you who was happier— me or him! 😍😍 A fraction of the cost I would’ve paid for it new, and it’s in mint condition!,” the 26-year-old mom captioned the post, adding that “Henry was so excited to receive his own little trike, and also a set of toy animals! Now, to figure out that pedaling.”

Then came the haters, who had issues with everything from the kids being barefoot to the dangers of tricycle use. “Please put shoes on those kids in that mud; Geez, Lord only knows what diseases, fecal matter etc are in that….” one person wrote about Jessa’s backyard. Another person scolded pregnant Jessa that “Bikes with pedals on the front wheel are disastrous for hips and contribute nothing to kids’ development. Try balancing (training) bikes instead.” Even though the kids are only riding the trikes in the house and yard, another mom told her “It would be good to get them into the habit of wearing a helmet while they’re young.”

Fortunately enough moms were able to see that Jessa’s children were just having good old-fashioned fun. “@jessaseewald I love how your kids are not wearing shoes, love how they are getting dirty, being outside and being kids! You are a fantastic mom,” one fan told her while another said “Let the boys be boys. At least they are outside playing unlike LOTS of children that sit on a phone or a computer game all day. Have fun boys and enjoy your bikes. And the DIRT ON YOUR BEAUTIFUL PRECIOUS FOOTPRINTS. LOVE IT.” As the days have passed since the post went up with the initial critical comments, many fans have praised Jessa for letting her kids play barefoot outside the same way they did while growing up.

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