Jerry Falwell Jr. thinks he’s ‘being targeted because it’s an election year,’ lmao

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I’ve spent most of my life surrounded by Evangelicals and Southern Baptists. Their hypocrisy doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, and as I get older, I feel more like “live and let live.” But for four years, I’ve been absolutely thrown for a loop to see the Evangelical support for Donald Trump, a thrice-married, twice-divorced serial adulterer and admitted sexual predator. Turns out all of those qualms the Evangelicals had about Democrats’ sex lives for decades was just performative outrage, and they’re totally fine with infidelity, mistresses, immorality, lies and all kinds of perversions, just as long as it comes packaged with a white misogynist man who will put rapists in judgeships. The point, it seems, was always to hate women. That’s the ideology. That’s the raison d’etre.

Jerry Falwell Jr. was one of the earliest big-name Evangelicals to throw the full weight of his support behind Donald Trump in 2016. It was controversial at the time in Virginia – there were Liberty students unhappy with Falwell for the endorsement, and unhappy with the full-throttle mix of politics and religion. Now, four years later, Jerry Jr. has been outed as a deeply hypocritical pervert, and it’s just endless chickens coming home to roost. But according to Jerry Jr, it’s all some big conspiracy *because* of his Trump endorsement:

A whirlwind 48 hours led evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. to resign from his role as president and chancellor of Liberty University — the noted Christian school his pastor father founded 50 years ago — after a business partner and former confidant made allegations about his sex life.

But Falwell told The Washington Post that it was his political ties that had drawn attention rather than, as the Post noted, behavior such as an eyebrow-raising social media post earlier this summer that had put him increasingly at odds with the Liberty community. It was after that Instagram photo several weeks ago, showing Falwell with his pants undone and his arm around his wife’s assistant, that he initially went on an indefinite leave of absence. Falwell saw it differently.

“There’s no question that I’m being targeted because it’s an election year,” he told the Post. “And I was very successful in bringing the evangelicals to Trump in 2016.”

Falwell has been a prominent supporter of Donald Trump, initially becoming one of the first major evangelical leaders to back Trump in the 2016 Republican primary and continuing to defend him throughout his presidency.

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No. He’s not being *targeted* because of his Trump endorsement. But it is such huge national news because of his Trump endorsement. If Jerry Jr. had just stayed at Liberty – and Miami – and watched his wife get railed by pool boys and not jumped onto the national political stage, all of this would not be such a big story. Jerry Jr. is trying to make it sound like somehow Democrats forced him to watch his wife get railed by pool boys so the Democrats could use it against him in an election year. A conspiracy which probably turns him on, honestly. OH GOD.

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