Jeremy Clarkson forced to clarify Covid comments after controversy

Jeremy Clarkson shows off his new cow

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has hit out at “silly left wing newspapers” after they took his words out of context. A few headlines surfaced on Tuesday, claiming that The Grand Tour host had “hit out” at scientists over the coronavirus pandemic.

I know the Guardian and other silly left wing papers are sh*t stirring

Jeremy Clarkson

He faced backlash after he said “if you die, you die”, but Jezza has since spoken out about how his words were misinterpreted.

Some headlines read: “Jeremy Clarkson criticises Covid scientists, saying ‘if you die, you die.'”

Hitting back, the former Top Gear star wanted to make it very clear what he actually meant.

“I know the Guardian and other silly left wing papers are sh*t stirring,” he wrote on Twitter in view of his 7.3 million followers.

“But what I said was that ‘IF WE HAVE COVID FOR EVER’ we are just going to have to open stuff up and accept that if we die, we die.”

It comes after he gave his opinions on the government and SAGE’s decisions to reinforce lockdown at various points of the pandemic over the past year and a half.

The star of Clarkson’s Farm said that the public should “go through life with our fingers crossed” instead of facing going back into lockdowns if advised by The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, who have been helping the government draft their policies during the pandemic.

Of their decisions, Jeremy said: “When it started, I read up on pandemics and they tend to be four years long.

“I think the politicians should sometimes tell those communists at Sage to get back in their box.

“Let’s just all go through life with our fingers crossed and a smile on our face. I can see Boris doesn’t want to open it up and shut us back down again.

“But if it’s going to be four years… and who knows, it could be 40 years.”

He then added: “If it’s going to be for ever, let’s open it up and if you die, you die.”

The car expert previously told how he feared he’d die alone during his battle with the virus after contracting it over Christmas.

Jeremy said he thought he would die in a “lonely plastic tent” after he came down with the viral illness over the holidays, admitting that he thought his “unhealthy” lifestyle would make it difficult for him to fight it off.

The motoring expert revealed that he self-isolated in a small cottage with his longtime partner Lisa Hogan, 46, and her children.

Of his run-in with Covid, he said: “With every illness I’ve had, there has always been a sense that medicine and time would eventually ride to the rescue.

“But with COVID-19 you have to lie there, on your own, knowing that medicine is not on its way and that time is your worst enemy.”

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