Jenni Hermoso Granted Restraining Order From Luis Rubiales Over World Cup Kiss

Luis Rubiales Jenni Hermoso

A court in Spain has ordered Luis Rubiales to steer clear of Jenni Hermoso — the player he kissed on the lips after the World Cup last month — as the former soccer president is now under investigation for sexual assault.

Spain’s High Court issued the ruling on Friday … saying Rubiales must stay at least 200 meters away from the 33-year-old Spanish soccer player.

Prosecutors in the country recently launched an investigation into the ex-soccer federation president after Hermoso opted to lodge a formal complaint against Rubiales.

As part of the investigation, Luis was hauled in front of the judge for questioning, and that’s when he was told he couldn’t have any contact with his accuser.

Luis Rubiales

Rubiales was on hand for this morning’s hearing but did not speak with media, who assembled outside the National Court.

Hermoso’s lawyer, however, did make a short statement.

“We maintain what we’ve said from the beginning. It was a nonconsensual kiss,” Hermoso’s attorney Carla Vall said.

“Thanks to the [images of the kiss], the entire world, the entire country, has been able to observe there was no type of consent. And we are going to prove that in the courtroom.”

Of course, it all dates back to what should’ve been one of their happiest professional moments … when Spain defeated England for their first World Cup title on August 20 in Sydney.

But, rather than being a joyous occasion, it turned into an international incident that ended with the players threatening to boycott, and the entire coaching staff either resigning or getting fired.

Rubiales, after initially indicating he would NOT step down from his post, ultimately decided to resign on September 10.

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