Jared Leto Celebrates 50th Birthday Shirtless With A Slice Of Rainbow Cake Photo

We have a hard time believing Jared Leto just turned 50 years old after seeing his new chiseled birthday photo.

Jared Leto‘s new shirtless photo went viral on Dec. 26 after fans quickly realized the actor was celebrating his 50th birthday. “How is this humanly possible?”, one of Jared’s followers asked, while commenting on his insanely chiseled torso.

The Academy Award winner rang in his milestone on Sunday in the best way, if you ask us — by proving he’s basically ageless. “Thx for all the bday wishes!”, Jared wrote to his 14.4 million Twitter and Instagram followers.

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Jared can also be seen enjoying a slice of rainbow cake and giving a thumbs up in the photo that puts his glistening abs on full display. It’s not completely clear where the photo was taken, but it appears it may have been snapped on the set of his upcoming Marvel vampire movie, Morbius, since blood can be seen dripping from the corner of his mouth. Jared’s also sporting some gnarly scratches on his chest in the new image.

Fortunately for us — and Jared’s millions of followers — this isn’t the first time he’s shared images of his amazing physique with the world. In the past, Jared’s done it for fun, but he’s also done it to get his followers to the polls. In the photo seen below, which Jared posted on Oct. 21, 2020, he wrote, “Happy hump day P.S. Don’t forget to vote”. Many responded by saying, “Yes please”, and “I want to be in the shower with u”, so we think it’s safe to say he got his followers’ attention.

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And the same is true for this new birthday shot. After Jared posted the photo on social media, commenters went wild. “Jesus wowww,” one follower wrote, while another joked that she’s now with child, as she wrote, “Prego”, and tagged her friend.


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