Insane Fight Erupts On Delta Flight Before Christmas

Merry Xmas everyone, and let’s celebrate with an insane fight that erupted for no particular reason.

It went down on a late-night Delta flight from L.A. to Memphis. An eyewitness tells TMZ … the man in blue had been drinking and was loud. The eyewitness says he was only wearing his mask sporadically, which pissed off some of the other passengers.

The guy he was fighting had apparently said something like, “You must be from L.A. because you think you’re better than everyone else” … whatever that means.

One of them said to the other, “You’re a really horrible person,” and that apparently triggered the fight.

They really went at it … causing chaos in the cabin.

Strangely, police were nowhere in sight when the flight landed. The 2 men both went to baggage claim but kept their distance.

Happy holidays, everybody.

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