'I met Bono on a yacht off the coast of Monaco' – Julia Stiles on hanging out with U2 on Riviera set

Hollywood actress Julia Stiles has revealed she is a long-standing fan of U2 and once met frontman Bono on a yacht off Monaco.

Stiles, who plays lead character Georgina Clios in glamorous Sky Atlantic drama Riviera, bumped into the U2 star on set in 2017. The thriller is the brainchild of former U2 manager Paul McGuinness and speaking with Independent.ie earlier this year, McGuinness said that the band frequently called by the set for lunch on the French coast.

“Yes, I think they did (come for lunch), individually but not altogether,” Julia (38) told Independent.ie at the Rosewood Hotel in London.

“The first season I met Bono because – and this is going to sound ridiculous – Paul McGuinness invited us to a yacht off the coast of Monaco. And there was Bono, such is the life.”

The Bourne series actress said that she would love to see the Irish rocker making an appearance in the show and has a few ideas up her sleeve how to incorporate a Bono cameo.

“I saw U2 in Vancouver of all places, and it was the start of their Joshua Tree tour. It was extraordinary,” she said.

“He’s a performer and talented musician, I bet you that translates on screen. What if we recreated that scene at the end of every rom-com – you know where there’s a prom, party or wedding scene with the band. What if we did something like that?

“A big gala extravaganza, with U2 performing. Then they don’t even have to act, they play themselves.”

And she knows a thing or two about the rom-com game as she shot to fame in the late ’90s and early noughties as one of the generation’s biggest stars, landing a number of films in the then-thriving teen movie genre. Since pivoting to more dramatic roles of late, she’s closed that door of her career for now, but cherishes the cultural landmark that 10 Things I Hate About You has become.

“What was special about 10 Things I Hate About You was that it had a bite to it, as far as rom-coms go, or at least my character did. It’s nice to hear that people still talk about it.”

The first season of Riviera, which aired in summer 2017, was part of Stiles’ big comeback after choosing less high profile roles in recent years and it became Sky Atlantic’s best-selling original series to date.

“I think you can never tell if something will become ‘a hit’. Nothing is a sure bet and you can never predict how successful a show is going to be or how people are going to respond to it, but you can certainly hope,” she said.

“I mean we were just focused on making the best show we could and I was certainly focused on Georgina as a character. But season two, definitely we wanted to surpass the previous season and I think it is exciting in terms of where we leave Georgina and the story at the end of season one, it was such a good launchpad for season two.

“To me it was deliciously compelling, the idea of how can this girl get away with murder.”

Speaking to Independent.ie at the season two premiere, executive producer McGuinness said that television shows are “getting better” by allowing actors to help shape the roles – which Stiles said was “wonderful to hear”.

“So many times on TV shows, the expression, ‘hit your mark and bark’ is applicable, meaning they just expect you to turn up and do your job,” she said.

“But I did find that at a certain point some of the directors would come and say to me ‘you know this character better than anyone’ but I also respect that it is a collaborative process.”

Series 2 of Riviera starts on May 23 on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.

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