I have BBC host Naga Munchetty fires back as Twitter user questions her eating carbs

Naga Munchetty hilariously called out on her Latin claims

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Naga Munchetty, 46, is well known for her vigorous fitness routine, as she regularly runs and also plays golf when not appearing on BBC Breakfast. However today the presenter treated herself to a bowl of pasta as she enjoyed an evening relaxing in front of her TV as she watched the Ryder Cup.

Sharing her evening plans with her 260,000 followers, Naga said: “I’m at a friend’s place. I am watching #RyderCup2020. And I am comfort eating…#pasta. X.”

In response to her indulgent meal, @FightingFit2021 commented: “Now now @TVNaga01 think about all those carbs.”

The BBC Breakfast host hit back: “I have thought about it…They’re wonderful.”

While other followers shared their favourite Sunday “comfort food” in the comment section.

@Darlingm777 typed: “Pasta is indeed comforting food for carb lovers! Sweet food is not everyone’s comfort food.”

@Logosbeliever remarked: “Love your programme. Thank you for being both so approachable by ordinary people, yet so devastating to arrogance from wherever it comes. God bless you Naga.”

@Samwalker500 said: “Naga if it keeps going the way it is you will need something more than pasta.”

Naga has previously spoken about her daily diet while in discussion with The Guardian in 2018.

Although she revealed being healthy throughout the day, when it comes to dinner the keen golfer likes to have a well-portioned meal.

The TV star shared: “I love a sit-down dinner, and plan it ahead – I always know what I’m having.

“I’m fussy about the provenance of my ingredients, and portion control is difficult. I eat more than my husband and he’s 5ft 11in. 

“I can’t bear if someone has more food than me … I don’t know why. I eat anything flavoursome; I can’t do plain – I’m a massive fan of garlic and chilli. 

“I love cooking and I’m good at it – I tend to do big, one-pot meals, so I can talk to my friends and not flap around the room, she added.

The BBC Breakfast host met husband James Haggar several years before they tied the knot 14 years ago.

Naga shared that she is not a “sun lounger” type of person, as she admitted her honeymoon in 2007 to the tropical paradise of Mauritius was one of the “most boring holidays” she has ever been on

The radio host said: “I’m not a sun lounger person. I don’t do that. So – this sounds awful – one of the most boring holidays I had was my honeymoon. 

“And not for the reasons you may think,” she told Alan Carr on his Life’s a Beach podcast.

Naga recalled how she ended up stuck on the beach throughout her whole honeymoon, after she cut her leg on barnacles in the sea.

Under doctor orders, she wasn’t able to get the cut anywhere near water for the rest of the holiday.

She said: “The honeymoon side was fine. It was all good.

“I got into the sea, hung onto the pontoon and there were barnacles on the post underneath. I didn’t realise and slashed my leg. I decided not to tell anyone.

 “I was a bit bored. And read a lot,” she added.

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