Holy Sh*t, Fans Think Dany Will Try to Burn Jon in the 'Game of Thrones' Finale

Warning: The following post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8.

The Game of Thrones series finale is legit three days away, which means Reddit is currently buzzing with theories about how this thing is going to end. The latest? Some fans think Dany will try to have Drogon burn Jon.

Essentially, Dany’s supposed to be betrayed three different times in the series, and people think that the last one is actually going to be Drogon. Here’s what the person wrote:

“So as we know, in the books (which I’ll be honest – I haven’t read) it says Dany will be betrayed three times. Once for gold, again for blood, and a third time for love.

“Most people agree that the gold betrayal was Jorah spying for good old Bobby B, the blood betrayal was the witch killing her first born under the ruse of saving the Khal, and the third betrayal has yet to pass. Everyone seems to be hinging on the third betrayal coming from Jon Snow. But what if it’s not him, but Drogon who betrays her?”

The issue with this theory right away, IMO, is that it seems like Dany’s been betrayed WAY more than three times, so to say the third one is “yet to pass” seems iffy to me, but I’ll let them continue.

“What if after her recent attack on King’s Landing, Jon finally realizes she shouldn’t be queen and starts planning to dethrone her. Dany then tries to get Drogon to burn Jon to death, only for him to disobey her completely?


“We’ve seen time and time again that Dany is pretty much nothing without her dragons, and should Drogon fail to defend her when she’s being usurped, there’s little to nothing she could do about it. She sees the dragons as her children, making Drogon her only son, and thus her greatest love. The betrayal of her last son seems like it would be much worse than the betrayal of a lover.”

Hmmmm. “Dany is nothing without her dragons” seems a little harsh to me, but this would be a very interesting plot twist. No one would see this coming, but it definitely would create more loose ends to tie up on the show. For example, what would happen to Drogon if he betrayed Dany?

Guess we’ll find out soon!

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