Hayden Panettiere’s Loved Ones Reportedly ‘More Worried Than Ever’ About Her Relationship Wi

Hayden Panettiere‘s relationship with BF Brian Hickerson is causing a LOT of stress for her friends and family, according to sources close to the situation.

A couple sources reportedly near the couple spoke to People about the trouble on Friday, revealing that the Nashville star’s loved ones are seriously concerned about the woman she’s becoming the longer she’s with Hickerson.

The couple has made some less-than-ideal headlines in the past, including back in November when Hickerson was arrested on a domestic violence charge after he and Panettiere allegedly got into some sort of drunken altercation with Brian’s dad.

Now, a source has revealed more about Brian’s hot temper — and how it’s allegedly affecting Hayden — telling the mag (below):

“Hayden knows Brian has a bad temper and can be controlling, but there is an extreme attraction to it, and despite warnings from family and friends, the relationship seems solid. Brian’s reputation as a party boy is no secret in Hollywood. Those close to Hayden are more worried than ever about this and his temper. But Hayden is taken with him. She thinks he is what she needs in her life now.”


It’s telling at least that Hayden’s daughter Kaya is currently not anywhere near the actress, and instead reportedly living in Ukraine with her ex-fiance, the former boxer Wladimir Klitschko.

The source continues, then, revealing that Kaya’s departure has been tough on Hayden, but it’s probably for the best as she needs to make some changes in her personal life (below):

“It has been tough on Hayden, but she has to continue making changes in her life, as well as focus on better decisions about what she wants to do personally and professionally going forward. Their daughter seems better with her dad and his family now. But Hayden has not abandoned Kaya. She loves her very much.”

Oh, and about that…

A second source is getting real about Hickerson’s influence on Panettiere, which apparently has been “bad from the beginning.”

The source admitted (below):

“Hayden’s friends and family are not happy with the relationship. She’s been acting more out of control since she’s been with him. Hayden really likes Brian, has a great time with him, and the romance has gone past a dalliance. She was first attracted to him because he was hot and different, and now she is pretty interested in him. She is young, and Brian seems to be a take-charge person in a different way than Wladimir was, which she needs.”

Hmmm… “take-charge,” but how?!

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