Former Iron Maiden Singer Endures Crippling Knee Problems

Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di’anno who has faced several health complications over the years, recently revealed that he is awaiting yet another knee operation.

This follows the replacement of both knee-caps due to injuries incurred in motorcycle accidents.

The singer responded to an interview request from Jimmy Kay of Metal Voice, writing “Hi mate I’m going Hell at the moment waiting on surgeries my leg keeps ulcerating so they can’t put in the Bionic knee yet it’s very depressing ?”

Di’anno, who also underwent surgery to remove a “rugby ball-sized abscess” on his lungs in 2016 added that although he’s “doing my best to stay up,” he has been having more rough days than good.

“But if folks as I’m ok just at home with my crows and writing new stuff for later . Not really up for interviews at this time as got a lot of clinic visits and trying to focus on this ! But thank you maybe soon ? Enjoy your vacation,” he wrote.

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