Forget Cryptic – DWTS Pro Gleb Savchenko's Estranged Wife Admits She's 'Pissed' At Him As He Vacays With New Woman

Elena Samodanova continues to speak her mind about her ex!

The dancer previously slammed estranged husband Gleb Savchenko for his “ongoing infidelity” amidst rumors of an affair between Gleb and his Dancing With the Stars partner Chrishell Stause. Of course, Chrishell ended up dating a different DWTS pro, but Gleb vacationing with her and his new flame Cassie Scerbo didn’t necessarily help his case.

The mother of his children opened up further about the split during an Instagram Live Q&A on Tuesday. When asked if she’ll continue running the ballroom dancing studio owned by the couple, Elena admitted:

“We’ve tried to figure out … if we’re going to be running it together. Not at this moment, I’m just too pissed at him. So I won’t be able to do anything at this moment. Maybe later.”

Elsewhere in the livestream, the 36-year-old told followers she doesn’t know “if Prince Charming exists anymore.” She reflected:

“I’m not a quitter, I never give up. But the older we get, the less bulls**t I believe. … Most men like this. … My advice? Don’t give them a second chance. I gave second, third, fourth, fifth chances and we never worked it out. So don’t give him a second chance. … We used to say in Russia, ‘It’s better to be alone than with someone who doesn’t deserve you.’”

According to a source for People, Gleb is waaaaay over his wife publicizing their personal business. The insider shared:

“Gleb has engaged a lawyer due to his wife consistently slandering him on social media.”

The added:

“It is very clear that his ex-wife is using this situation to gain herself the publicity she so desperately craves. Gleb and his wife hadn’t even been living together — ABC offers to provide an apartment to all the pros and celebs appearing on DWTS and Gleb took them up on this offer for this season due to the strains in his marriage and for the constant false accusations of infidelity.”

Lest she be outdone, Elena gave a statement to the outlet standing by her cheating allegations. The Russian native said:

“Contrary to what my soon-to-be ex-husband would like the public to believe, I am not concerned about his playboy antics. His infidelity is squarely on him and no one else. My only focus remains the happiness and well-being of our daughters. They are all that matter to me. I don’t need unnamed sources to defend me because I remain rooted in everything that has ever mattered to me — my family. While he is vacationing in Mexico, I am placing all my energy in raising our children.”


Gleb has been a bit less forthcoming about the situation, but he did post a quote on his own IG Story after his ex’s livestream. It read:

“Never condemn someone based on a little something that someone told you. There is always a lot more to the story!”

So, what do U think, Perezcious readers? Does Elena have a right to her righteous anger? Or are you interested in hearing Gleb’s side of things? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below)!

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