Eiza Gonzalez Opens Up About Her ‘I Care A Lot’ Character Fran

Eiza Gonzalez stepped out for a late night dinner in Los Angeles on Thursday night (February 18).

The 31-year-old actress wore a comfy white look for the outing just the day before her new movie on Netflix, I Care A Lot, came out.

In a recent interview with Refinery29, Eiza opened up about how the character of Fran allowed her to play someone she normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to.

“[Latinx actors] are either the help or the drug dealer,” she shared. “It always kind of falls in between these two, and it can become boring. I hate to think about myself simply as a Latina actress, but the industry thinks of you in a certain way.”

Eiza adds, “This character is very much a character that any actress could have played. It wasn’t necessarily tied to culture or background or any specific ethnicity. And I think that that’s kind of the current type of character that I want to be doing, and reading more for.”

She also spoke about Fran’s appearance in the film and was delighted that she was “more deconstructed and careless…The fact that I was able to not wear makeup the whole movie and not worry about beauty and looks…she’s just a real woman.”

“I feel like other women get a lot of opportunities to do that, and I don’t feel like I have. It was just exciting that J believed in me. He took the gamble of betting on someone that wasn’t necessarily the obvious choice,” Eiza said.

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