Dominic West Would ‘Not Be So Stupid’ to Kiss Lily James In Front of Mutual Manager Angharad Wood

A source is speaking out about Dominic West‘s PDA photos with Lily James, the possible story behind them, and how Dominic‘s wife Catherine FitzGerald (pictured here) might have felt reassured.

The source, labeled as a “pal” of his, noted that Lily and Dominic were with their mutual manager Angharad Wood when the photos were taken.

“The fact that Angharad was there will have been very reassuring to Catherine as the two women are good friends,” the source told DailyMail.

Angharad would not have stood for anything going on and he would certainly not be so stupid as to do anything in front of her. Dom has a bit of history with women from some time ago, but he’s much too clever to get caught out this way,” the source added. “The fact is he’s a very cuddly kind of person, really a big teddy bear, and you could probably have a picture of him like this with a dozen of his female friends.”

Dominic and his wife put on a united front after the photos were released and you can see them in the gallery, along with the statement they released.

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