Demi Lovato Couldn't Even Meet Mike Johnson at 'The Bachelorette' Finale

UGH: Remember that whole thing with Demi Lovato practically salivating over Mike Johnson while live ‘gramming The Bachelorette? And how Demi publicly said she’d accept his rose? Oh yeah— and that Demi basically said she’s in love with Mike? Well, guess what—Demi and Mike still haven’t even met yet and it’s totally The Bachelorette producers fault. Demi is single. Mike is single. They’ve flirted with each other. So who TF do I have to call to file a complaint?

According to Rob Mills, VP of reality programming at ABC, the producers knew they effed up by not having Mike at The Bachelorette‘s live finale. “That was a missed opportunity for us with not having Mike there,” he told E! “I think Demi Lovato was sort of an 18th hour thing, but still, we should’ve had Mike there.” That’s right, Rob. Take responsibility for yourself! 😤

I totally get that Demi coming out to the show was a last minute thing, but as soon as they heard she was confirmed to come, they needed to get Mike on the very next private jet so they could finally meet live and in person. Was there no room in the budget for this? I just want answers, goddammit.

Robb explained the process behind Demi coming out to the live finale, and revealed that celebrities wanting to go is pretty common. The difference with Demi and those other celebs is that she actually had the guts to show up—probably because she thought Mike would be there!!! HelloOoOo! “There are so many people we hear about that are superstars that are like, ‘Oh, it’s my favorite show. I love it.’ And then we go, ‘Oh, if you ever want to come…’ and then it’s like, ‘Oh no, I don’t really want to be that public about it.’ It was really great,” he said. “She [Demi] actually sat in the audience and was really getting into it the same way the rest of the audience was. It was great.”

If you need me, I’ll be squashing my Demi and Mike dreams into the dust because it’s clear ABC is playing games. But hey—if Demi and Mike never meet, that only increases his chances of becoming the next Bachelor, amirite?

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