‘DC’s Stargirl’ Casts These Actors To Play Eclipso & The Shade In Season 2!

DC’s Stargirl has found it’s Eclipso and The Shade!

It was just announced that Nick Tarabay (left) has been cast as Eclipso and Jonathan Cake (center) has been cast as The Shade for the upcoming second season, Deadline reveals.

Earlier this month, Stargirl showrunner Geoff Johns opened up about both of the villains at this year’s virtual New York Comic Con. See what he said here!.

Deadline also reports that Project Mc² actress Ysa Penarejo has also joined the cast as a recurring character. No word yet on who she will play.

In case you missed it, Geoff also recently shared that fans will get to see more of this character in season two!

“We do have so many other things to explore with these characters, and other avenues and other characters to meet and introduce, we’ll do it the best we can and we’ll do it at our own pace,” Geoff said. “But we’ll definitely be playing with things like the pink pen in season two.”

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