David Emanuel: Duchess Meghans Dior trench looked like a nurses uniform

David Emanuel was one half of the designer duo to make then-Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding gown. Princess Diana loves the Emanuels and she wore their clothing often over the years. She had a close relationship with them, and even now, some royal women still wear clothing designed by the Emanuels or David Emanuel solo. David Emanuel has become something of a reality star too, appearing on the UK version of Say Yes to the Dress, and becoming something of a royal commentator, always good for a shady, bitchy quote. Well, David Emanuel has some thoughts about the Duchess of Sussex and wow, this dude is very unpleasant.

David Emanuel, a host of TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress U.K., previously commented that he was “disappointed” in Meghan’s choice of wedding dress and did not disguise his dislike for the duchess in his conversation with Eden. When asked about Meghan he is quoted as having said: “You mean the American woman? I can’t utter the name now.”

On her choice of a Christian Dior Haute Couture pale coloured coat dress, modeled on a traditional trench coat that Meghan chose to wear for the jubilee national service of thanksgiving, Emanuel said: “I tell you who she is channeling—Wally Simpson,” this being a reference to Wallis Simpson, the American divorcee for whom the queen’s uncle Edward VIII abdicated the throne in 1936.

“I will stick my neck out here,” he continued, “but she looked as if she was in a nurse’s uniform.”

The designer then questioned whether Meghan and Harry should have been invited to the jubilee service in the first place. “And why were they there? I can understand Her Majesty wanting her grandson, of course, but they’re not working royals.”

A regular commentator on royal events since the 1990s, Emanuel has become a vocal critic of Meghan and Harry and having known Princess Diana during the earlier years of her royal life, told Eden that she would not have tolerated her two sons apparently falling out.

“If Diana were alive,” he said of the princess who died in a Paris car crash in 1997 at the age of 36, “all of this would have been sorted out.”

The designer is then quoted as ending with one final critique of Meghan, this time over her professional credentials: “They talk about her being a movie star, but she is not. She’s a B-list TV actress, that’s all. She’s not Glenn Close.”

[From Newsweek]

I don’t think Meghan looked like she was in a nurse’s uniform in her Dior trench. I thought she looked chic and on-trend. Harry and Meghan only came to the fakakta Jubbly in the first place because the Queen personally asked them to come, and because the Queen and Charles arranged for security for them for their brief visit. This dude just wants to make it sound like the Sussexes turned up uninvited and that the Queen was somehow wrong to want her grandson there? As for the diss of Meghan’s acting career… it’s true, she’s not a movie star. It’s also true that she had a successful career for a working actress, and that her natural glamour and stardom as a television actress was enough to intimidate all of the saltiest, nastiest, most insecure people on Salt Island.

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