Cardi B Praises Britney Spears After Mental Health Break: I Love You!

Even though Britney Spears checked out of her mental health facility and is back at home, fans still have questions about her troubles.

Cardi B doesn’t have questions, though — she has a powerful message of support in a recent interview.

Like the rest of us, Cardi is a Britney stan first and a person second.

Shortly after Britney Spears checked out of the mental healthcare facility, she was shown on video working out to Cardi’s music.

“It’s so dope!” Cardi exclaims in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

She explains that she felt so honored “because I’m a very big Britney Spears fan.”

Cardi also shares an anecdote about using the lyrics to “Piece of Me” to boost her confidence because “b–ches used to hate on me in high school.”

Through Britney, all things are possible. She’s a comfort to many.

Cardi would also love to “one day” collaborate with Britney on a song.

The world would also greatly enjoy that, just, you know, for the record.

Cardi is then asked if she has a message that she would like to give to Britney at this difficult time.

“I love you!” Cardi begins.

“And,” she adds. “I totally understand.”

“Fame,” Cardi asserts. “Will drive you insane.”

Britney checked into the facility to deal with her mental health after her father’s ongoing health crisis.

“Not only will fame drive you insane,” Cardi notes. “But it’s like, once you have money … everybody wants to take it from you”

She then laments the way that people in her circle will try to get her hard-earned money from her.

Britney recently increased her monthly child support payments to baby daddy Kevin Federline by a tremendous amount.

But there’s more to it than fame and merely needing to pay, Cardi admits.

“Sometimes,” she recalls. “Like, if you just have your own personal problems, when you’re a celebrity, everybody want to sue you.”

“Everybody want a piece of the money that you worked for,” Cardi laments.

“It’s very frustrating,” she expresses.

And she notes that it’s only part of the equation.

“And then you have like the whole world looking at you and no privacy,” Cardi observes.

She opines: “It’s crazy.”

Cardi’s next line could be interpreted as “shady,” but we know that she means it in an honest and flattering way.

“I can’t imagine if you do it for such a long time like her,” Cardi marvels.

Britney is a true champion.

This is such a good interview, and it really shows Cardi playing to her strengths.

She is an honest person who will speak her mind, whether she’s slamming somebody or gushing about being a fan.

There’s a lot that we don’t know about Britney’s situation, but everything that Cardi said is true and could be contributing factors.

The core of Cardi’s words — that she loves and supports Britney — remain true.

Even if her reminder that she was still a young teenager when “Piece of Me” came out … makes some of us feel centuries old.

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