But Her Emails: Ivanka Trump got testy about her deposition, posted email ‘evidence’

This week, Ivanka Trump was deposed as part of an ongoing investigation led by the Attorney General for Washington, DC. The basic gist is that city money, federal money and GOP donor money was misspent during the 2017 Trump inauguration, because the Trumps were price-gouging people to rent space at the Trump-owned property in DC. Ivanka was part of the whole process, on both sides, and there’s a paper trail and everything. So it was particularly funny to see Ivanka get on her high horse and try to baby-whisper her way out of it. (BUT HER EMAILS!!!)

— Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) December 3, 2020

Imagine spending four years grifting American taxpayers out of millions of dollars so you could have Secret Service protection on all of your ski vacations and then complaining about the “vindictiveness” and “waste of taxpayer dollars” when there’s merely an investigation into how your family fleeced taxpayers. Even CNBC called her out:

President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump on Thursday blasted the Washington, D.C., attorney general’s office for deposing her in a lawsuit related to 2017 inauguration spending. But in doing so she conspicuously omitted the $3.6 million question posed by a Republican felon that underscored fears the Trump family was profiting from a nonprofit set up to celebrate the White House victory.

Ivanka Trump’s tweet condemning the suit as “politically motivated” included an email that indicates she told managers of her father’s hotel in Washington to charge “fair market rate” for its services during the inauguration after Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election. But what the senior White House advisor did not mention is that she only said that after being warned by a top inaugural committee official of the “quite high” minimum rate of $3.6 million for food and beverage and use of the banquet halls during inauguration week that the committee was being quoted by the Trump International Hotel.

Nor did Ivanka Trump mention that the mere fact of having an incoming president having his inaugural committee buy goods and services from a hotel he owned was unprecedented in U.S. history, much less when that hotel wanted to charge that committee, a nonprofit entity funded by private donors, millions of dollars for those services.

[From CNBC]

Again, remember all of the coverage of Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania Trump’s former friend and advisor – Wolkoff was fired because of all of the shenanigans around the inauguration, and Wolkoff later said that it felt like they were trying to pin all of this on her. Wolkoff realized that early on, so that’s why she kept all of the receipts and why she started recording conversations with Melania. Wolkoff was also deposed by the DC Attorney General, and I assume that Wolkoff has turned over all of the evidence she gathered. This isn’t really a big “Ivanka is going down” story, but it will definitely get interesting. And it’s just further evidence that all of the Trumps are going to be up to their eyeballs in civil lawsuits and criminal investigations. LOCK HER UP!

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