Britney Spears' Husband Sam Asghari Explains 'Manic' Episode, Denies Storming Out

Britney Spears did not have a “manic episode” in a restaurant this weekend — as had been described to us — nor did her husband run out on her, according to the man himself.

Sam Asghari explained things to a pap Sunday, who asked him about what went down Friday night in Woodland Hills … where we got video of Britney covering up her face, and talking gibberish, after somebody tried recording her while she was dining.

Despite an eyewitness insisting she was acting erratically and that Sam had bolted in anger … SA says all he did was briefly leave to go get the car.

Sam says folks get a little camera-happy when they see Britney in public and can’t help themselves in attempting to film her — something he says is unfortunate, but which he also acknowledges as coming with the territory for the type of fame BS has.

The main takeaway here, though … he’s saying things didn’t go down the way they were initially characterized. He does say, however, Britney was frustrated … and that’s why she was acting the way she did.

Britney herself also appeared to deny any sort of manic behavior … taking to IG the next day to post a video of herself, and questioning the story altogether. She was flipping the bird a lot in this clip — so we clearly know how she feels about the whole thing.

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