Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Roast Each Other Constantly – It's True Love, Really

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are some of the most recognizable celebrity power couples in Hollywood. The pair regularly makes us laugh by taking shots at each other.  Fortunately, most of the fun takes place on social media, giving them many opportunities to troll each other outside of the occasional public appearance and giving us the chance to relive every barb. Here are some of the hottest jokes from the ongoing roast that is their marriage.

A change in priorities for Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

They say that becoming a parent changes you. Reynolds certainly proved that while talking to David Letterman about how his relationship with his wife shifted since having their first child. Us Magazine shared that Reynolds said while he used to tell his wife, he would “take a bullet for [her],” after looking into their baby girl’s eyes, he would “use [his] wife as a human shield” if anything attempted to harm their child.

Mark your calendar

They say it’s the little things that keep a marriage alive after the honeymoon phase, but it certainly helps to mark the big things too. Reynolds turned this convention on his head for Lively’s birthday in 2016. She happens to share a birthday with Billy Ray Cyrus, which Reynolds took full advantage of in his Instagram post. Instead of making her the headline, he paid tribute to the country singer and let his wife have the footnote on her big day.

Turning up the heat with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Reynolds may have stuck his foot in his mouth during a 2016 Good Morning America appearance to promote his film Life. When asked about his co-star Jake Gyllenhaal, Reynolds shared how much he enjoyed working with him. They were actually friends outside of their professional relationship but made the mistake of adding that he thought Gyllenhaal was a better cook than his wife. When asked about the repercussions of sharing that tidbit, Reynolds joked that he already had plans to move out at the end of the month.

Say cheese


Reynolds has made a tradition of trolling his wife on her birthday, perhaps the one day of the year he should be doing the opposite. In 2019, he marked the occasion by sharing not just one photo but an entire slideshow of Lively that was less than flattering – her eyes were closed in every picture. As nice as it is to be reminded that celebrities are people just like us, this may not have been the time to do it.

The cream of the crop

Two months later, Lively got her chance to even the score. She chose a lovely Instagram caption to celebrate her husband’s latest trip around the sun, saying, “I picked a good one.” The only problem? The picture that accompanied the post showed Reynolds with her finger up his nose – not exactly one for the yearbook.

A few of her favorite things

Not to be outdone, Lively took a page out of her husband’s book and flipped the script on his August 2016 birthday post. Four years later, she shared that some of her favorite things came from Vancouver, Canada. Given that it’s Reynolds’ hometown, you would think he would top the list. Instead, he was left off completely in favor of food. Lively’s list consisted of ice cream, doughnuts, pie, and other desserts from Vancouver restaurant Ask for Luigi.

While it’s not your typical relationship builder, Reynolds and Lively keep the spark alive with comedy. It may just be their way of keeping each other humble, but we’re glad they let us in on the joke.

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