Billie Eilish Falls on Face, Brings Out Hayley Williams at Coachella Week 2

Billie Eilish fell on her face Saturday night during week 2 of Coachella, making a joke of it before a crowd that was wildly impressed with every move she made.

Billie, as usual, did not disappoint, as she surprised fans with Hayley Williams to perform Paramore’s “Misery Business.”

At one point during the set, Billie fell flat on her face and joked with the crowd that she just “ate s***!” The stage had just gone dark when she fell, so fans could hear it but they didn’t see it. She groaned, “Ouch! You guys, I just ate ass up here!”

Sounds like it did hurt … Billie later repeated, “Ow,” as she held her hand as if it was causing pain. She added, “You guys, I seriously ate s***. Seriously. It was pitch black. You see that square?: This f***ing thing? I went de-de-de-de-de and fell onto my face!”

Billie was undeterred, saying “I’m good. It was dark. Ouch, I tripped on the f***ing fire thing.”

As for how Billie intro’d Hayley … “Oh, look! An empty seat. Who’s that for? Everybody, can we please welcome my friend Hayley Williams!”

Hayley was stoked, telling the crowd, “This is my first Coachella, whoa. Thanks for sharing this with me. This is sick!”

Billie was equally excited, and after Hayley left she said, “Oh my fucking God. Absolutely what on earth could be cooler than that? I’m dead serious.”

Big success.

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