Bill Cosby Had the Actual Nerve to Tweet a Father’s Day Message

These days, Bill Cosby is sitting in a prison cell, presumably harboring disturbed fantasies about offering tea to Meghan Markle.

But over the weekend, he shocked the world by taking to Twitter.

Bill Cosby’s Twitter account shared a throwback video, a Father’s Day message, and strongly implied that he’s been framed by racists.

“Hey, Hey, Hey…” Cosby’s tweet begins. “It’s America’s Dad…”

Interestingly, Matt Lauer has also been referred to as “America’s Dad.”

He’s also not too popular now that people know who he really is.

“I know it’s late,” Cosby acknowledges. “But to all of the Dads…”

He writes: “It’s an honor to be called a Father,”

“So,” Cosby’s tweet suggests. “Let’s make today a renewed oath to fulfilling our purpose.”

What purpose, you ask? Don’t worry — he spells it out.

He says that father’s have an obligation towards “strengthening our families and communities.”

Okay, sure.

“#HappyFathersDay” Cosby’s tweet is tagged. “#RenewedOathToOurFamily.”

But what is really raising eyebrows — aside from this brash tweet from a notorious monster — is the accompanying video.

“After slavery was over,” Cosby says in the throwback video. “America kept breaking up the black man’s family.”

“And,” he admits. “That’s some awful history to teach.”

“Now,” he continues. “If you wanna look history right straight in the eye, you’re gonna get a black eye.”

“Because it isn’t important if a few black heroes got lost or stolen or strained in America’s history textbooks,” Cosby suggests.

“What’s important,” Cosby explains. “Is why they got left out.”

“Now,” Cosby continues in the video. “This country has got a psychological history.”

“There was a master race, and there was a slave race,” he acknowledges.

“And though there isn’t any political slavery,” Cosby says, adding: “Anymore.”

“Those same old attitudes,” he notes. “Have hung around.”

Bill Cosby may be easily one of the most prolifically awful people we can think of, but what he says in this old, old video is true.

“The burning part of ‘Burn, Baby, Burn’ is right here in this classroom.” Cosby says.

This is when the clip reveals that he is standing in a fourth grade classroom full of students who are working on art.

He then thanks the students and their teacher for allowing him to make the video and for the artwork that they’re doing.

As you can imagine, Cosby’s out-of-the-blue tweet, both tone deaf and tasteless, caught people off guard.

This went doubly true in light of O.J. Simpson’s shocking creation of a Twitter account.

The jokes write themselves, but some Twitter denizens got creative.

That said, Cosby’s video was much worse than merely tasteless or tone deaf.

It doesn’t take an analytical genius to read between the lines.

Cosby is all but flat-out saying that America is silencing him because he’s a prominent and influential black man.

White supremacy is very real and very harmful.

But we think that Cosby’s situation has more to do with 60 women who didn’t like being drugged and assaulted.

We’re reminded of R. Kelly making very similar claims about his numerous accusers.

It take s a special kind of awful for a person to try to use real narratives of oppression to defend themselves.

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