Bella Hadid Wore Mugler Thong Jeans and, Frankly, I Want a Pair

For anyone who’s spent the past year either (a) wandering around in Hanes high-waisted underwear that are so full coverage they’re basically shorts, or (b) wearing leggings, the concept of “pants” is probably foreign at this point. But good news! You can now emerge from quarantine wearing a denim thong that’s also secretly jeans.

This instantly iconic fashion moment comes curtesy of Mugler designer Casey Cadwallader for the brand’s Spring 2021 collection, which was modeled by Bella Hadid. Hunter Schafer, and Irina Shayk .

For those interested (me), the pants are available to purchase for 490€ and are made out of bi-material denim and recycled jersey jeans:

P.S. while Cadwallader designs for a lot of high profile clients (like Beyoncé, Dua Lipa, and Miley Cyrus), this collection isn’t just for celebs. “It’s important to do the jaw-dropping scandalous stuff; that’s what this house is built on. But it’s also about trying to address an interesting day-to-day wardrobe too,” he tells Vogue. “A lot of young people want to buy Mugler now. I’m trying to do the right thing for the right price.”

Cadwallader also spoke about comfort level of these looks, saying, “The idea of shape-wear is built into these garments; there is a lot of attention on fabric technology. For me, all bodies need to be designed for, not just skinny bodies, although, even skinny bodies sometimes have a bigger butt or boobs and…the clothes help you out with that instead of making you feel bad for having them. I’m celebrating different body shapes.”

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