Avatar child star hits back at weird casting of Sigourney Weaver

Avatar: The Way of Water premieres in London

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Trinity Jo-Li Bliss, 13, plays the youngest Sully child, Tuktirey, in Avatar: The Way of Water and can usually be spotted following her “older sister” Kiri played by Sigourney Weaver. The child star slammed the critics pulling Sigourney’s real age into debate as she said the world-renowned actress is simply “big sis Sig” to the cast.

Speaking to Express.co.uk at the Avatar world premiere last month, Trinity confirmed what many others have said throughout the film’s press run: Sigourney is still a teen at heart.

The new film follows Jake Sully and Neytiri with their four children.

This now includes actors Jamie Flatters, 22, Britain Dalton, 21, Trinity Jo-Li Bliss, 13 and Sigourney, 73.

While the age gaps already seem extreme between the siblings, this Avatar film originally started filming in 2017 when Trinity was just seven years old.

However, the child star claims the age difference was never really felt in the kid crew.

She said: “Some people ask ‘Is it weird that Sig’s playing a teenager?’ but no, not only is she an outstanding actor but she is young at heart, just a kid at heart!

“Often her scenes were with us kids so she’d be with us making us feel like she’s our big sis. She’s Big Sis Sig!”

The sibling kinship also expanded past the Avatar set, as Sigourney held parties for the child actors and would even recommend books to the then seven-year-old Trinity.

Sigourney also undertook the role with great preparation as she understood no matter how young at heart she may be, it would still be challenging to portray someone less than a quarter of her age.

The Alien star sat in on some high school classes with children aged between 12 and 15, around the same age as her character Kiri.

For days she observed their attitudes, reactions and even analysed the pitches of their voices, which she admitted can really vary at that age.

Lastly, Sigourney tried to revert to her own teenage self, telling Digital Spy: “I just so enjoyed leaving this shell behind, and becoming this sometimes brat.

“I loved that I had the opportunity to play someone I consider a real adolescent in most ways, and then she has these other bright spots that she’s learning about.”

Speaking in the Making of Avatar: The Way of Water, which is available to watch on Disney+, Sigourney explained just how she ended up getting this role in the first place.

“I remember having lunch with (James Cameron) and he starts to talk about this forest girl who had a special gift and she’s going to be about 14.”

While Sigourney didn’t quite realise it at the time, this was his way of offering her the role.

She recalled him also promptly adding: “You and I both know how immature you are so I think you can handle this.

“I don’t think any of us are very far away from our 14-year-old selves. It’s such a strong memory, how great it was, how awful it was.

“You do have to strip away Sigourney Weaver whoever that is. It’s been an amazing experience to go back in time with that person.”

Avatar: The Way of Water is currently in cinemas.

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