Are Damian Powers and Francesca Farago Together? All Your Questions, Answered.

Not everyone finds love on dating reality shows, but it looks like Love is Blind star Damian Powers and Too Hot to Handle Francesca Farago may have met their match. You might remember Powers as one-half of LIB’s most beloved couple: Digi (Giannina ‘Gigi Gibelli and Powers). So imagine our surprise when Instagram photos showed Powers and Farago holding hands with a noticeable Gigi-sized absence.

Now, we’re not saying holding hands is cheating, but it sure is damn suspicious, especially considering Farago’s romance on Too Hot to Handle was burned quite badly, and she is single. It also doesn’t help Powers’ case that he has a rocky history with Gigi. Fans might remember Powers dumping the so-called love of his life in the season finale (on their wedding day!), before getting back together.

Though Powers went on to clarify that the “cheating” photo was a misunderstanding, stating how he was shielding Francessa from paparazzi, our suspicions aren’t totally reassured, especially since he invited Farago to Love is Blind: After the Alter, according to Bustle. Now, remember: Farago was never on Love is Blind, so why is she at the anniversary reunion when Powers is supposedly in a relationship with Gigi?

Let’s face it: Powers is shady AF. Recent footage from the reunion special shows how he invites his “friend” to the reunion special with whom he goes on a romantic date and shadily implies that his relationship with Gigi is on unstable grounds. And, to make it worse, during the reunion special (where Farago doesn’t know anybody but Powers because she was never on the show, to begin with), Farago and Gigi get into an argument because Powers implies something romantic or sexual happened with Farago, despite his supposedly committed relationship with Gigi.

Are Powers and Farago together? Not sure. Are Powers and Gigi together? Not sure either. There’s not much we do know about this love triangle, but one thing remains clear: the biggest villain in this story is Powers himself. Though he claimed he’s only friends with Farago, his actions show otherwise. We just hope that Gigi and Farago know that they both deserve better.

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