Anna Vakili boyfriend: ‘I’d NEVER use Tinder’ How Love Island star believes in REAL love

Anna Vakili, 28, is one of the contestants on this year’s Love Island. She is a pharmacist from London and is on the hunt for a Tom Hardy lookalike this summer. According to the Liverpool Echo she has spoken out against dating apps and sworn never to use them, instead revealing that she believes in love at first sight. But what else do we know about the stunning brunette?

Anna Vakili is a Middle Eastern Instagram star that maintains a glamorous look whilst studying hard.

She has a masters degree and trained for five years before becoming a pharmacist.

The bubbly contestant told the Liverpool Echo: “I think I’m different to anyone who has been on the show before.”

The bombshell brunette has a limited experience of being single.

She was in serious relationships since the age of 17 and has only been single for the past nine months – the longest period without a partner in her life.

She added that she believes she is suited to the show because she is kind and emotional, as well as very affectionate, but that she can be “a drama queen”.

She described her ideal man as tall, good looking with dark hair and dark eyes.

Anna added that he would be fit and would have a loyal, kind and emotional personality.

She told the Liverpool Echo: “I like the soppy guys. I’m not into cocky boys at all, I like smart and funny.”

The Iranian Instagram star added that her immediate turn offs are poor hygiene and disloyalty.

She said that trust is a crucial element for her and that she would not accept a wandering eye.

Anna told the Liverpool Echo: “I have to trust someone to be in a relationship with them but once I am, I am really loyal. I haven’t been cheated on as far as I know.

“I don’t think a guy can get away with cheating on me, I’ll stalk them!”

The girls in the villa might need to watch out as the pretty brunette said she would prioritise love over girl relationships.

The Love Island contestant told the Liverpool Echo: “I don’t know how close I can get to a girl in a few weeks. If a guy likes me, I’m there for love at the end of the day, not girls.

“I would always talk to the girl first. But if the girl was my close friend then I wouldn’t go near her guy.”

In terms of her romantic history, Anna revealed that she does not use dating apps to meet lovers.

Instead, she has met partners through her Instagram account or in real life.

She told the Liverpool Echo: “I don’t use any dating apps. I’ve met a few of my exes through Instagram or in real life.

“Not at work either, I don’t ever meet guys at work. I work in a pharmacy so they’re either really old or sick!”

The Love Island 2019 contestant quickly became a fan favourite among ITV2 viewers when she entered the villa on Monday, June 3.

Anna coupled up with Sherif Lanre, despite not getting off to the best of starts.

Sherif was left without a couple after Anna refused to step forward for him at the initial coupling.

Anna then went on to remind Sherif she was his “second choice” throughout the first episode.

However, the pair got to know one another more and more as the episode progressed and even share a kiss in the second episode of the series.

But now, the relationship might have hit another bump in the road after the Instagram star told Sherif that she still wanted to be open and speak to new arrivals, which seemed to surprise the 20-year-old Londoner.

Whether a full-blown romance is on the cards for the pair will be determined as Love Island continues.

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