Amy Hart pregnant! Love Island star expecting first baby after whirlwind year-long romance

Love Island star Amy Hart is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Sam Rason after a whirlwind year-long romance.

The 30 year old made the exciting announcement as she appeared on today’s Loose Women and told the ladies the news.

Amy has made no secret of her desire to have children, and even spent £15,000 freezing her eggs over three separate rounds to give herself the best chance of becoming a mum one day.

The reality star, who has a low egg count, has been dating Sam since August 2021 and gave the entrepreneur the keys to her West Sussex home just two months into their relationship.

And the pair invited OK! into their home back in June and told us how they want at least two children.

Amy also opened up about how due to her fertility they wouldn’t be hanging around and would ideally have two children “back to back”.

She said: “We don’t have time to enjoy being a couple and go travelling for the next five years, like some couples do.

“We’ll need to make a decision at some point about what we’re going to do first, but we’d like at least two. That doesn’t leave us a long time and it’ll have to be back to back.”

Sam added: “That excites me because I do want to be a dad and build a family with Amy.

We’ll definitely try in the next four years. Amy has been open about her fertility and in some ways that creates time pressure. In an ideal world, you’d get engaged, married and have kids. But for us, it may have to change up.”

He added: “I definitely want children. I’m not as precious about having children first or getting married.”

But for Amy her dream scenario was to get married first before having children, with the star saying she would ideally tie the knot in 2023.

“I’d love to get married first, just because I think then you can be truly selfish with your wedding if you get married first.

"Once you have children, all your priorities change. I’d love to get married next year,” she said.

The star began her egg freezing journey last year and ended up with 12 eggs after the three rounds.

She told us: “I’ve got 12 more [eggs] than I would’ve had. I would’ve liked more for the amount of medication I had, but I’m grateful for that.”


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