Amber Portwood: Gary Shirley Cheated On His Wife With ME!

Folks, we regret to inform you that Amberf Portwood is back at it.

Following a remarkably calm 2020 — she wasn’t arrested once! — Amber is back on social media, and she’s putting all of her effort into durning down the only bridge left standing in her life.

Yes, Amber is now attacking Gary Shirley and his wife Kristinna.

Not only are they the only two  people who are sttill nice to Amber after all that she’s pet them through, Portwood is also materially reliant on the Shirley.

She lives in a rental property owned by the couple, and she’s the first to admit that they do most of the work when it somes to rkskng hdf daugher, Leah Portwood.

Despite all of that, Amber has been brutally attacking these two on Instagram.

It started last week, when Amber went off on Gary in an epic rant in which she also blasted his wife.

The problem was tht Amber thought she and Gary and Kristina were all on the same side, and Portwood appeared confident that the couple will help her refute rumors about a breakdown she allegedly suffered following the death of her dog, Madison.

Unfortunately, that was not the case.

“First of all, Gary has never been here every day of the week. He did not give me medicine even once; that’s not true,” Amber said.

Portwood was also upset about comments that Kristina had made on Teen Mom OG in which she joked that Amber was “like our teenage daughter.”

“You’re two-faced,” Amber said to Gary.

“And your wife’s two-faced, saying that I’m like a teenager, I’m like a teenage daughter.” 

Now, Amber is taking things a step further and claiming that Gary touched her and talked to her inappropriately while he was married to Kristina.

“Home wreckers? OK, you know what? Gary, if you and Kristina are so happy, then why don’t you tell her about how many times you had called me up and talked about sexual encounters that we used to have,” she said.

“How many times did you sit there and say, ‘Oh, you’re missing big daddy?”

From there, Portwood went into detail regarding one specific incident:

“I mean, there’s even an incident where I was super, super sad, you’re the one who sat on the couch, grabbed me, laid down and forced me to lay down on you, put your arm around my waist underneath my boobs and started rubbing on my head,” Amber said.

She went on to reveal that she and Gary were caught in the act by a Teen Mom OG producer.

“The producer knew about that – the old producer, because this was before – he walked in on it and then he walked out because he left his coat,” Portwood said.

Amber even suggested that Kristina had been unfaithful, as well, slamming her as a “cheater” and a “loser.”

She did not, however, go into detail regarding Kristina’s alleged infidelity.

“I’m done with this bull crap,” Amber added.

“’Don’t tell Kristina’ so uncomfortable after. I would never do anything inappropriate guys. I’m happy!”’

Well, she certainly doesn’t seem happy, but that comment apparently refers to the fact that Amber is still dating Dmitri Garcia.

There were concerns that her new Belgian boyfriend didn’t know exactly what he was getting into.

Fortunately, Amber is showing him her crazy side on Instagram, so he can’t plead ignorance later.

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