Alexander Skarsgard Explains Why He Previously Shaved His Head & What Happened Just Before These Photos Were Taken

Alexander Skarsgard stops by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for an appearance on Wednesday (May 1) in New York City.

While on the show, Jimmy asked Alex about one of his famous red carpet looks from 2017 where he sported a shaved head.

“I was shooting a movie up in Montreal called The Hummingbird Project and I decided to shave my head for it. I wanted to be bald and I thought for some reason it would look more natural, instead of doing a bald cap…to really shave it,” Alex said.

“It was winter up in Montreal, so for three months I didn’t have a social life. I had one weekend off, I went down to New York for this event,” he explained about walking the red carpet.

“When I stepped out of the car and there was this press line with photographers. And I stepped out. I’ll never forget the sound when they all saw me. Cause they all went ‘awww,” Alex recalled.

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