‘After We Fell’ Director Castille Landon Assures the Next 2 Movies Are ‘True to the Books’

Castille Landon is sharing a little video update to After fans!

The director of the next two films, After We Fell and After Ever Happy, shared her excitement for the coming weeks.

“I’m so excited you finally have release dates for After We Fell and that we’re all gonna get to see it pretty soon,” she said. “We’re doing finishing touches right now and it looks SO good. It’s been really great seeing everybody’s responses to the teaser, especially to the hot tub scene and the gym scene, and that it’s really true to the books.”

“We have such an amazing cast, and I’m really excited that over the next few weeks, we are going to start introducing them here on the After socials, so stay tuned,” she added.

Check out the first teaser trailer here!

Castille even got support from one of the movie’s actors, Rob Estes.

“You directed these last two like a champ!!!!! Thanks,” he wrote.

We can’t wait for more (the trailer PLEASE!!) from the upcoming films!

In case you (somehow) missed the big news, Castille will also be working on TWO more After movies, a prequel and a next generation sequel. Get all the details here!!


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