Adele loves living in LA: I like it because I get left alone in LA


Adele was honored this week at the Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment brunch. She received the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award, an award which usually goes to actresses or people deeply involved in Hollywood. While Adele has an Oscar and Emmys, she’s not involved in film or television, really. But she is a leader and she does a lot of charity work. I enjoy the fact that they chose her, honestly. I’m including her speech at the brunch (Adele points out it’s so early, it was breakfast) and here are some highlights from her excellent THR cover profile:

She gets offered musical bio-pics all the time: “I get offered that all the time. I get offered to do biopics of singers, and I think that’s too obvious. And also anyone that’s great enough to have a biopic about them, you’re just setting yourself up for disaster. Then would they want me to sing as myself? Because then it would sound like me, it wouldn’t sound like them. So I wouldn’t do it. But that’s all I’ve been offered, really.

What motherhood brought up for her: “The first thing I think that comes up when you have a kid is it brings up a lot of your own childhood for you. And no matter what your childhood was like — good or bad or whatever — you don’t want your child to have your childhood. My mum was very young when she had me. She was on her own, and I realized all the things I thought she could have done better, that she couldn’t have. So it made me respect my mum more and has given me more patience with her, as her older-woman daughter. It made me see how hard it must’ve been because we had no money…Also, you realize how hard adulting is. So on top of them being your mum, they’re also going through their own sh-t. I struggle not to show my emotions to Angelo with other things I’m going through. And I think that’s OK.

She gets in touch with up-and-coming singers: “I’m not going to say who they are — I see a lot of the girls, up-and-coming singers, I get in touch with them because no one ever did that to me, gave me any advice or any secret nuggets of truth or tricks of how to survive it in any way. So I have them ’round and we have some wine and I talk to them. Even if you’re really close with your team, your team can’t relate to you suddenly being thrust out of your life and thrown onto the public stage. And that saying, “You have your whole life to write your first album and you have six months to write your second.” That pressure was quite strange. And also your hobby becomes your job, which sounds really great, but your relationship with your hobby changes. So I really like supporting the girls. Sometimes I would love to go into management, but I can’t work with talent. I say that as one — we are a nightmare.

Living in LA: “I love it. It’s still sometimes strange, but I like it because I get left alone in L.A., which sounds weird. And for anyone that has never been to L.A., you assume it would be the opposite. But there are so many famous people here that they don’t waste their time. Because if I see I’m being followed, I’ll cancel my day and I’ll drive out to Palm Springs and back…I get really bad seasonal depression, so the weather is good for me here. It is strange sometimes, because I’m very British. Because it’s a bit harder for me to go out nowadays, what I love the most about L.A. is everyone goes to each other’s houses. I like that.

She participated in Angelo’s school: “I’m thriving a bit. Now there are so many things his school does the most, with community vibes, which is fantastic. The kids don’t care. The kids don’t give a flying f-ck who I am. And I get, not insecure, but I get nervous around loads of adults and strangers that I don’t know. And so making food for school events, it’s my dream.”

A sad person: “I think I’m an incredibly sad person, and I think I inherited a lot of sadness, and I think I’m a real empath and I’m a real feeler. And I can’t move on from things very easily. It’s like I’ve got hollow legs, but it’s just filled with things that I think I’m getting over, or I think haven’t affected me. Or things I think I’m not taking on from somebody else, but I am. And I’ve been like that since I was little.

[From THR]

What she says about LA reminded me of the Beckham docuseries, where Victoria was absolutely thrilled when David signed up with the LA Galaxy. She loved moving to LA, she loved everything about it – I think for famous British people, it feels relaxing to be in a town full of much more famous people. As for thinking of herself as a sad person… I like the language that she uses, and it’s not like she’s misdiagnosing herself as a depressive. There’s a difference between “being a sad person” and “being depressed” and I feel like Adele knows that she’s just a moody, sad person who gets very wrapped up in her emotions.

Her speech was hilarious:

— The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) December 7, 2023

— The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) December 7, 2023

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