These are the hot nail trends for SS21 (and how to do them)

Pattern play

  • On the thumb, polish 2-3 coats (for coverage).
  • On the index, with a large dotting tool, apply two dots.
  • On the middle, polish a generous French tip using a detail brush.
  • On the ring, polish two coats of a blue shade.
  • On the index, with a detail brush dipped in polish, draw a thin smile. Then
    finish the smiley face with two dots of the same color using a dotting tool.
  • On the middle, polish a checkerboard by polishing thin grid lines with
    a detail brush and carefully filling in every other square.
  • On the ring, add clouds by polishing a few clusters of dots with a dotting tool. Then, with a detail brush and the same shade, add a line to the bottom of each to create a cloud shape.
  • On the pinky, add a dot of the opposite colour to the middle of each flower.

Graphic swirls

Unique French twist

Multi-coloured mani

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