How To Pick The Perfect Scent From Your Living Room

By the looks of the pumpkin lattes popping up at my local coffee shop, fall is unofficially here. That means it’s time to change up your signature scent.
After all, your whole autumn vibe isn’t complete without it, am I right?

Finding a new fragrance can feel overwhelming (at least for me!) which is why I am over the moon about the Fragrance Guide I found on It’s so simple to use that you can even do it from your couch. Yes, you read that right—you can really discover your new fall scent from anywhere, and I’m going to show you how.

To get started, I went straight for the Fragrance Quiz. Instead of aimlessly
scrolling pages of fragrances without any guidance, I just answered simple
questions about my favorite scents. Right now, I’m craving a classic spicy
scent for fall (hello, cinnamon!). The quiz led me directly to the perfect
fragrance, Maison Margiela ‘REPLICA’ By the Fireplace. I love how it
combines clove oil and chestnut with a comforting vanilla accord for a
warm, cozy, and oh-so autumn vibe.

While vanilla is made for fall, I also like to wear it in spring, summer, and
winter too. So, I clicked over to the Key Notes Guide. I love how you can
search by popular ingredients (looking at you rose, citrus, and wood, but
staying focused on vanilla!) across many different fragrances. Nestled in the
Bestsellers section, I found the one for me: Valentino Donna Born in Roma.
This warm floral features jasmine, blackcurrant, and, of course, vanilla for a
modern, yet feminine scent I could wear all year round.

While exploring the Fragrance Guide, I discovered that Sephora also has a
new way to help you find your fragrance in stores. Their Beauty Advisors
have a “Find Similar Scents” tool that reveals new products for you based
on scents you already love. So why not check out a nearby Sephora? While
you’re there, sample all the scents you like and then choose the one you
really love.

Feeling inspired? Explore Sephora’s new Fragrance Guide and check out
these new and bestselling scents, perfect for the season.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet by Dior, $148

Princess by KILIAN Paris, $120

Lovefest Burning Cherry by KAYALI, $118

English Pear and Freesia by Jo Malone London, $155

Libre by Yves Saint Laurent, $140

’REPLICA’ By the Fireplace by Maison Margiela, $144

Donna Born in Roma by Valentino, $138

Good Fortune by Viktor&Rolf, $168

Flora Gorgeous Jasmine by Gucci, $149

Daisy Ever So Fresh by Marc Jacobs Fragrances, $157

Bright Crystal by Versace, $105

Magnolia Bliss by Juliette Has a Gun, $140

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