How to make your toiletries last longer in lockdown

We’re all doing our bit to make sure we’re wasting as little as possible, and limiting how often we have to go to the shops.

That means we have come up with all kinds of clever hacks to make our food shops stretch for longer, making jams and pickles from fruit before it turns, and emptying the fridge to make a casserole.

But what about when it comes to toiletries?

The queues for the pharmacies are just as long as for supermarkets. And if you use particularly fancy or specialist products, you might not be able to get hold of them at all at the moment.

If we run out of our favourite products then our beloved self-care routine goes out the window. And that’s just not something we’re willing to sacrifice.

Luckily, Rich Quelch from home and beauty packaging experts Lifestyle Packaging has shared his top hacks for making all of your toiletries go that extra mile.

So take some notes and try these clever ideas to help you save money and stay indoors.


Handwash was one of the first products to disappear from the shelves as people stockpiled. 

If you start to run out, add a dash of water to the dispenser bottle to loosen the remaining soap and give you a few more pumps.

If you prefer bar soap, keep it out of the water and allow it to dry and harden up in between uses. 

Shampoo and conditioner 

To avoid your shampoo and conditioner sticking to the bottom of the bottle, store upside down so you can get every last drop.

Like with soap, if you’re running low, add a dash of water and shake. 

You can also make DIY hair conditioners and masks if you fancy getting crafty. Kitchen essentials like rapeseed, coconut and olive oil, honey, eggs, bananas and lemon juice can work wonders.

Nail varnish

With salons closed for the foreseeable future, many of us are going back to basics. 

If you fancy giving yourself an at-home mani or pedi but find your old polishes are thick and difficult to spread, they’re probably a bit stale. Instead of binning them, add a few drops of acetone nail polish remover to the bottle and shake well to loosen it up. 


To make your favourite scent last longer, apply a small amount of petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) where you’d normally spray your perfume to hold the fragrance for longer. 

Don’t store your perfumes in the bathroom as humidity and dampness will weaken the fragrance, instead keep your perfume bottles in the original box away from sunlight. 

Though it can be tempting, don’t rub your wrists together as the friction will cause the top notes to fade faster meaning you’ll have to reapply sooner.


Storing your body and face creams correctly can extend their lifespan.

Your products last longest when stored in cold, dark and dry places, so be sure to keep them away from moisture and direct sunlight.

A cool dark cupboard is an ideal spot or even the fridge. 

Think to yourself – do I really need to use all my normal products? If you’re stuck indoors, you probably don’t need as much makeup and will have less exposure to UV and pollution. 


If your favourite lipstick has run out and you have a Zoom call in five, grab a lip brush or Q tip and scrape out what’s left.

You can apply this directly to your lips or combine with a lip gloss to get more wears. 


Maintaining good personal hygiene is still important during lockdown, especially if you’re isolating with someone else.

As the weather gets warmer, opt for light clothes like cotton and linen which lets the skin breathe. 

Whether you’re using a roller or spray, applying talcum powder afterwards can help you smell fresher for longer. It also prevents that sticky feeling after re-applying deodorant. 


To make your toothpaste last longer, roll up from the bottom squeezing every last bit up the tube.

When you can’t get any more out, cut the tube halfway up and you’ll be able to squeeze out enough for a few more days.

If you have any clever hacks for making your toiletries last longer, or making your own products, we want to hear from you.

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