Everything Your Teen Wants for Christmas, According to TikTok

Hey, parents, listen up — we know teens are hard to shop for. To help you pick the perfect holiday gift they’ll actually like and use, we went directly to the source of where teen trends start: TikTok. 

In addition to those we-can’t-stop-watching dance challenges, we discovered there’s a trend going on right now where users are sharing what they’re coveting for the holidays with the hashtag #ChristmasList. To do the work for you, we’ve done some digging and gathered gift ideas seen on the app.

The most wanted gifts among teens this year include Nike Air Jordan 1 sneakers, Lululemon loungewear and activewear, Apple AirPods and Glossier beauty sets. 

Get started on this year’s holiday shopping by browsing through the most popular gifts for teens according to TikTok.





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