Dick Van Dyke Shared the Morning Workout That Keeps Him Moving at 95

Few men in the world set the bar higher for longevity than Dick Van Dyke. At 95, the Mary Poppins star and Hollywood legend continues to take on new roles, credited with voiceover work on 2020’s Kidding starring Jim Carrey. In 2021, he’s set to appear in Capture the Flag, a comedy about “a group of elderly Vets [who] engage in a spirited game for the privilege of raising Old Glory every morning in their community.

In a recent interview with CBS This Morning that coincided with the Kennedy Center honoring Van Dyke with a lifetime achievement award, the film and TV icon shed light on the workout routine that keeps him moving—and dancing—well into his 90s. Filmed in the backyard of his home in Malibu, the clip includes footage of Van Dyke going through a series of basic ab movements, including crunches, leg raises, and more.

All you old guys out there, listen to me,” he says. “You can go on for a long time. I’m still dancing. And singing!” The interview also touches on Van Dyke’s memorable performance in 2018’s Mary Poppins Returns, in which the then 92-year-old star performed a challenging choreographed dance sequence. “He gave me three versions, and I took the hardest one,” Van Dyke says. “I said I want that one… because I just had to prove I could do it.”

The entire segment is worth a watch, not just for insight into how Van Dyke keeps himself healthy and active, but also for the trove of behind-the-scenes stories he shares about his early days in Hollywood.

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