Chamilla Foxx Literally Dazzled on 'Cosmo Queens'

Chamilla Foxx is not to be played with. From the comfort of her own home, she did a look that was nothing short of dazzling for Cosmo Queens. It was like a cyber aesthetic infused with some roaring 20s influences. AKA the look was top-notch. Chamilla is based out of Chicago, where she hosts multiple shows around the city, and she told Cosmo a bit about how she got into drag!

“I like to think I’ve always been a drag queen. I grew up playing dress-up making gowns out of bedsheets, wearing my mom’s heels, and pretending to be a pop star. When I was 18 I went to my first gay club and saw drag for the 1st time and I thought ‘I can definitely do that!’ So I threw myself into it and never stopped.”

When it comes to other looks Chamilla’s created over the years, there’s a standout.

“This past Halloween I was dressed as a cheetah and I based the design off Aztec Cheetah Warriors. My husband and I hand-painted the spots and rhinestoned the entire outfit and I created the headpiece for it. It’s my current fave because it took a lot of work but also touches on my Mexican heritage.”

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